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  wrist straps—string

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Cameras not included with wrist straps.

Cameras not included with wrist straps.

The split ring is not appropriate for a lot of cameras. Many cameras, such as smaller point and shoots, don't have lugs. They have small rods for attaching with no room for a split-ring. Other cameras have posts to attach to which won't work at all with a split ring. A string strap works best for these cameras. The attaching string is the same .040" dia (1mm) heavy duty waxed cord as the wrapping cord. The string is attached to the strap securely. Check out the strength test on the home page.

The string wrist strap comes in two sizes: regular and long. Here are the dimensions of the wrist loop of the regular and long string wrist straps. The dimensions are with the leather flattened. To see if your hand will fit through it you could take a piece of string that is double the dimension, hold the two ends together, and see how your hand will fit through it.

Here are the rest of the dimensions of the string wrist strap.

The regular string strap is US$18 and the long string strap is US$19.

The attaching string is made of polyester cord which is very strong but it can be cut so make sure your attaching lug has no sharp edges. If it does you might consider a split-ring strap with an o-ring strap bumper.


Check out our chart to see our recommendations for
which strap end for which camera


  Attaching the strap to a rod


To attach the strap to the rod:

1 First you feed the string through the rod. You might need something to poke it through on cameras with a small opening.

2 Feed the strap through the loop.

3 Pull tight and it's attached.


  Attaching the strap to a post


To attach the strap to the post:

1 Start with an open string.

2 Bend the tip back to make two ears.

3 Bend the ears down to make a loop and place it over the groove in the post.

4 Pull tight.




Your choice of 1/4" wide light brown, burgundy, dark brown, or black leather with black, gray, white, red, green, blue, yellow, light brown, brown, dark brown, raspberry, turquoise, orange, and hot pink .040" (1mm) diameter waxed heavy-duty cord. Check out the Colors page. If you want to get wild and crazy, you can have different colors for the wrapping thread and the attaching thread.


  Wrist Pads


Wrist pads are not available for string straps since the entire strap has to thread through the string loop and that is not going to happen with a wrist pad on it.




Wrist Strap
String regular
String long US$19

Leather color
Wrapping cord color
Attaching cord color