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This is a testimonial from the blog Shards of Photography:

Gordon Coale has put up on his site my photos of my R-D1 and Leica M2 "Golden Dragon" with his wonderful straps. Looking through the many photos I can only be amazed how good these straps look.

I used my R-D1 extensively in Istanbul, all the time with the strap. I cannot tell you well enough how liberating the experience was. No more nagging feeling I might drop the camera accidentally. No more heavy brick hanging around my neck after a long day. No more sweaty, chafing neck strap in the heat of Istanbuli noon time. No more worrying that my daughter might drop the camera (simply slip the strap around her wrist and pull up the tightening ring). No more lack of free hands to hold things, pay my bills, find change in my pockets, shake hands, or whathaveyou.

Gordon, you didn't invent the wrist strap but you sure make some really nice ones!




  wrist straps — lug-mount

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Cameras not included with wrist straps.


Wrist straps are a great way to carry your camera. They secure the camera to the wrist without getting in the way. If you need that extra hand you can let it safely dangle from your wrist. They can be on the right or left side of the camera depending on your preference. There are a lot of ways to use the wrist strap.

A black rubber o-ring slides to reduce the strap opening. The strap comes with a 1/2" split ring to attach to the camera.

They are great for rangefinders, SLRs, and mirrorless cameras.

thanks to Rick Beckrich


My Regular wrist straps are large enough for most people but some people need a larger strap. For those with larger hands (if you wear a large glove) I have the Long strap and for those that need even more room I have the Extra Long strap.

All Regular length lug-mount wrist straps are US$18, the Long lug-mount wrist strap is $19, and the Extra Long wrist strap is $20.


Check out our chart to see our recommendations for
which strap end for which camera.




Your choice of 1/4" wide light brown, burgundy, dark brown, or black leather with black, gray, white, red, green, blue, yellow, light brown, brown, dark brown, raspberry, turquoise, orange, and hot pink .040" (1mm) diameter waxed heavy-duty cord. Check out the Colors page.




  Wrist Pads


Wrist straps are often just there for insurance and aren't used to hang the camera. But sometimes camera hanging happens and, if it's a heavy camera, a little extra support comes in handy. Wrist pads are 1" wide and 8 3/4" long. They are the same leather as the straps and are available in the same colors. If you want a wrist pad, it must be ordered with the strap. Wrist pads are an additional US$13.

Many of the smaller mirrorless cameras are pretty light and don't really need a wrist pad.


  Strap Bumpers


Strap bumpers are an additional US$1 for the O-ring Strap Bumper and US$4 for the Octagonal or Integral Strap Bumpers.


  Quick Disconnet Kits

Titanium quick disconnect kits are $15 and double titanium quick disconnect kits are $28. More information on quick disconnect kits.




Wrist strap lug-mount
Regular US$18
Long US$19
Extra long US$20

Leather color
Wrapping cord color

Add these accessories to your wrist strap.

Wrist pad

Leather color
Which strap, if more than one?

O-ring strap bumper US$1
Octagonal strap bumper US$4
Integral strap bumper US$4

Strap bumper type
Leather color (not for O-ring)
Which strap, if more than one?



Single quick
disconnect kit
Titanium US$15

Our titanium quick disconnect kits are on back order from our supplier. We may not have them until December.