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  non-adjustable neck strap—sling

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Cameras not included with neck straps.

The sling neck strap is a continuous loop neck strap that is worn diagonally across your body. The camera is attached to a connector that slides up and down the strap

The connector is attached to the sling neck strap with a threaded metal link. This makes it easy to change connectors.


  The sling neck strap in action


When you wear the traditional neck strap diagonally across your body and bring the camera up to your eye you drag the strap around which is awkward, particularly if there is a neck pad. With the sling neck strap the camera is at your side out of the way. It is easy to grab the camera and bring up to your eye as the connector slides up the strap. If you have a neck pad it stays right where it is. You can use a wrist strap and, with tripod mount connectors, you can leave the wrist strap on the camera and quickly disconnect the camera from the sling neck strap. The sling neck strap remains on your body out of the way. You can shoot with the camera free of the sling neck strap and then park it on the sling neck strap when done. If you don't need to quickly disconnect the camera from the strap you can used the split-ring lug-mount connector or the string attach connector.


  Small cameras



  Medium and large cameras



The sling neck strap also works for medium format and large format press cameras. They carry out of the way and can easily be brought up for viewing.


Here is my son Robby
looking at you.




There are 4 connectors. The price of the sling neck strap includes one connector. You can order extra connectors for extra cameras. Extra connectors are $13 each.


Check out our chart to see our recommendations for
which strap end for which camera.




Your choice of 1/4" wide light brown, burgundy, dark brown, or black leather with black, gray, white, red, green, blue, yellow, light brown, brown, dark brown, raspberry, turquoise, orange, and hot pink .040" (1mm) diameter waxed heavy-duty cord. Check out the Colors page.


  Figuring out the length


The total circumference of the strap is measured for the length. I recommend an overall length between 52" and 58". If you are short then a strap down to 48", or shorter, may work. I am 5'10" (and shrinking) and prefer a 52" strap. The strap in the pictures of my son Robby is 52" and a little short for him. He is 6 feet tall. If you look at the back of a digital camera then a little extra length might be good if you have difficulty focusing up close.

A way to check for the size is to drape a piece of string diagonally around your body to simulate wearing the strap. The connector is 3" long and will let the camera hang down that much from the strap. It's good to get the camera hip high.





  Neck pad

My neck straps will support pretty heavy loads but sometimes our necks won't. The straps work fine for lighter cameras but, for those heavier cameras, I have neck pads. These pads are 1" (25mm) wide and 8 3/4" (222mm) long for good support. The edges are beveled. They are the same leather as the straps and are available in the same colors. If you want a neck pad, it must be ordered with the strap. Neck pads are an additional US$13.


  Strap bumpers

Strap bumpers are an additional US$1 for the o-ring strap bumper and US$4 for the octagonal and integral strap bumpers. Note: strap bumpers are only needed for split-ring connectors.




Sling Neck Strap
Includes one connector

The sling neck strap is made up of strap and connector for $40. A neck pad is an additional $13.

Leather color
Wrapping cord color
Attaching cord color (string attach connector only)
Connector type
Neck strap length


Add these accessories to your neck strap.

Neck pad

Leather color
Which strap, if more than one?

Sling strap connector

Leather color
Wrapping cord color
Attaching cord color (string attach connector only)
Connector type


O-ring strap bumper US$1
Octagonal strap bumper US$4
Integral strap bumper US$4
Only needed for split-ring connectors

Strap bumper type
Leather color (not for O-ring)
Which connector?